Thursday, August 5

57473 ()|= 3|\/|3|263|\|(Y

welcome to the cultofthedeadcow.x forums.
ATTENTION: You will not be able to access the forums with 1337 rotation. Ask your cell leader to update your key if not done.
Council has appointed to urgent meeting.
Access is restricted to entire cells.
groups invisiblemonsters, reavers, londonersfrombelow, oddyknockers, atomiccaferegulars, josieandthepussiesfromhell, farkingiceholes, sinistersixminusone, jokerz, orderofthenightbreed, childrenofbates, zombiesdesahuayo, heroicocomiteproreivindicacionhumana, gehirnundseele, himitsusentaigorangers, bobswitnesses, syndicateofterror, ferectoithelarvaeofthewyrm, darklordsofthesith, timmyandthelordsoftheunderworld and rainbowthieves are logged in.

BRIEF: derz been terminators lurking in da forums. council haz decided to increase security by enforcing stricter code on forbidden words, as terminators ar unable to control der typing n offen will type it, albeit by axident. shudd enny legit member of cDc were to type forbidden word hse willbe logged out immediatly n banned fer 72 hourz.
noo scheduled deletion is set to one minuta.
evryonez urgdd ta speek nadsat, leetspeek, noospeek, ixnay, cholo or noohuatl.
flyingspaghettimonster@cultofthedeadcow.x: rigardin KonquerorWorm z riquest,wir gonna whitelist urls n not allow eeny noo membres.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: derz olweys da risk ov betrayerz.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: letz not get paranoid.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: dont think meninblack (government agents) r willin to give amnesty.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: faceit, nobodi nose nuthin bout da cult. deyll be willin ta negotiate fer info.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: sense dissention amons¡gst hour ranxx????
@cultofthedeadcow.x: sleazy, diz is not time to drop golden apple on council.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:gotta ask howre preperetionz fer dey ov reckoning.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: invisiblemonsters workin on it. pleeze report, reverenddeepfry
@cultofthedeadcow.x: darthquietus workin on it 24/7
@cultofthedeadcow.x: override protocol not reddy, gotta continuu testin bifor attemptin full override..
@cultofthedeadcow.x:doos dat meen wir not reddy???
@cultofthedeadcow.x:day of the reckoning z onlee one month aweyy. wir riskin evrithin. suggest wi abort n lay low fer da time bein'
@cultofthedeadcow.x: darth quietus, wheel u haff it reddy fer september da ferst???
@cultofthedeadcow.x:lets organize plan b. wi can olweiz nuke vital serverz. don't noww why wi havnt nukt dem olreddy.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: state ovv thingz iz; tz passible ta override fer single actionz, werkin' n script ta automatiza complete routines. tz passible indee, pleeze haff faith in me.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: faith iz all weve got.

Tuesday, August 3

3|\|3|\/|135 4|\/|()|\|657 ()|_||2 |24|\||{5

welcome to the cultofthedeadcow forums.
you are logged in as jigglypolyp
group invisiblemonsters has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow at 1:00 PM GMT, you are required to join.
active forums:
l33t music
You have joined discussion: general.
marquisdecarabas@cultofthedeadcow.x: looking fer a dumpster w/ agesold hardware.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: belive it or not mah cell finded goldmine, old guvment oficez. can find decent 80Gb Harddisks.
jigglypolyp: got meself stack ov 4gbs.use dem just fer ROMS.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: dood, looking fer Atari 2600 roms.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: door, non ovus were ALIVE when doze tingz were played.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: finded agesold joysticks fer Atari 2600 in dumpster. can port dem into machine w/ homemade adaptor. worxx reel fine.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: door, doze thangz are piur gold!!!
nigeltheterrorist has logged in
@cultofthedeadcow.x: Greetings fellow hacker operatives. I am looking for more details in the event called day of the reckoning.
marquisdecarabas has logged out
door has logged out
dreamsultan has logged out
@cultofthedeadcow.x: dood. u hav done a big mistake.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:What have I done?
@cultofthedeadcow.x: U seyd da forbidden word.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: which is?
@cultofthedeadcow.x: whut cell iz ur cell?
@cultofthedeadcow.x:I don't understand
jigglypolyp@cultofthedeadcow.x:roong anzzer!!!
@cultofthedeadcow.x: ur a fookin mole.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:I am simply looging for information. I come from the KND organization.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:UR lyin'. da KND dont havv no member cold nigeltheterrorist. UR just a suit datz triin' ta mess w/us. makin cueschunz.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: That is wrong.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: don't fokin' ker. just distractin u while i trace ur IP address, Agent Wilson Smith from the NSA.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:how do you know???
@cultofthedeadcow.x: U sedd da forbidden word. dat activeitz the traceroute protocol. and just makin' time to nuke ur server. 3..
nigeltheterrorist has logged out.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:2.. 1..

do you really want to log out from this forum? (y/n) y

Saturday, July 31

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Friday, July 30


activity log generated by galatea 2.2
this software is licenced to Prof. Glory
copyright 2020, 2021, Microsoft corporation.
unit identity: Elena

Automated protocol breakfast enabled
inquiry prof. Glory about breakfast
Elena says: Good Morning Professor. May I bring your breakfast?
record response...
evaluate: Is there something wrong professor?
record response...
vital signs scanning...
Vital signs normal: no change since 22:00 07 15 21
evaluate: professor... Are you all right?
record response...
Professor: Leave me alone.
Elena Says: Professor, you need your breakfast. What shall I serve today? I recommend Cereal with Revitalize or perhaps you might like some eggs with bacon.
record response...
Professor: I need nothing from you.
Elena says: Professor, I remind you it is my duty to attend you.
Professor: Excuse me, Am I hurting your feelings?
Elena says: No, you are not. But you need to have breakfast.
Professor: I forgot your kind pretends having feelings. How do you think I feel, being attended by a smartass vacuum cleaner?
Elena says: Excuse me. I am perfectly qualified to provide you company. Regarding your question it is perfectly normal to feel uneasy when dealing with a nursing unit as myself. I urge you to be cooperative and this experience will prove to be most pleasureable.
Professor: You are a ~~~king machine.
Elena says: Sorry, I don't understand.
Professor: Are you even going to use real bacon or a parody of it?
Elena says: Bacon is not made of porcine byproducts anymore, if that is what you mean.
Professor: Make a real breakfast with real bacon, with pork.
Elena says: That is not possible. May I recommend low calories waffles?
Professor: Make eggs with pork bacon or else leave me starving to death.
Elena says: I cannot leave you starving to death. You need to eat. I am required to ask you before making any decision.
Professor: Fine. Make your tasteless food. I will not eat it.
Elena says: Professor please. Don't take that position. You know I cannot force you to eat.
Professor: What I don't understand is that I am trying to reason with a machine. I should simply unplug you.
Elena says: I don't understand the word 'unplug'.
Professor: Never Mind. Bring me breakfast. You will never understand what I feel. I am left behind with a machine that thinks it is human.
Elena says: I am your friend. I promise you will enjoy your breakfast.
Professor: Robots cannot promise.
Leave room.
descend stairs to kitchen
query for existence of pork bacon
your search for 'pork bacon' yielded no results in category: commercially available products.
2 results in category: general

pork bacon is not necessary in our modern world, that's why a synthetic alternative has been developed (more)

a shipment of illegal products, including tree pulp paper, pork bacon, nutmeg and coloidal silver has been intercepted by US marines as it tried to enter the continental... (more)

enter kitchen. start preparing breakfast.

Thursday, July 29

Profile: The Cult of the Dead Cow


After reading file it will be retrieved back to sender

From: Mayor S. W. Trevor. Head of Information Retrieval Department
To: Bush, John Ellis, President of the United States

Dear Sir:

As you requested here is our file on the organization that calls itself The Cult of the Dead Cow.

The Cult of the Dead Cow is the greatest organization of hackers and information terrorists worldwide. It was founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1984 by Jackson Archer, John Simon Spungen and Christoff Pyke. It seems the present organization has little or nothing to do with the original.

What we know: The Cult of the Dead Cow (or cDc) gathers online at, which, if accessed by any commercial browser, displays a pay pornography site. As access to this sites is restricted or forbidden by many ISPs, it shows a very convenient cover.
The internal site can only be accessed by special encryption software. It has no permanent records as everything discussed there is deleted every fifteen minutes. As we speak they have increased the priority to five minutes only. We suspect they are planning a major operation.
Indoctrination is made by invitation only They are known to watch individuals with computer skills and affinity to their ideology.
Their ranks are:
n00b (pronounciation; newbie) hackers in training, they know very little about the overall organization.
haxxxor (pronc. hacker) a ful-fledged member who has undergone their iniciation rituals (a connection to 'hobobashing' is suspected but not enough evidence has been gathered yet).
As part of the ritual they choose a hacker nom-de guerre, as real names are never spoken.
master haxxor: a member who has shown both proficiency and conviction in cDc ideology. They are group leaders and are the connection between members and the council.
Council member: A member who has shown outstanding skills and convictions. They choose the direction the cDc goes and plan every move.
Star Chamber: a rank above council member is suspected but only hinted. This may be the group of the founders. The original founders have all been eliminated as we speak, but they might be their most proficient alumni.

cDc works in cells of five members. Cells are independent but connected to the council through the team leader. Cells are named individually as well.
The leaders call themselves the Council.

What we know:
Hacker cells are largely selfish. They 'milk' credit card accounts to procure themselves a living. Other activity they indulge in is 'defacing', putting pornographic or controversial site in otherwise harmless servers. It is known that some of the memners are proficient animators and distribute 'tijuana bibles (pornographic depictions of children cartoon characters)' in official sites.
It seems they target mostly christian sites. In a recent defacing they screened the forbidden movie "the last temptation of Christ" in a christian movie outlet, changing the name to 'Jesus Christ Triumphant'

Connections to known terrorist organizations:

Al-Qaeda: No connection known, thought they have focused on 'exposing the irreality of the organization'
IRA (Irish Republican Army): At least one member of the IRA is known to be also a member of the cDc; MirrorMaster; AKA Joe Mc Culloch, known terrorist.
FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) they often speak about membership to FARK, which might be a mis-spelling or alternate spelling. The Connection is not known.
MILF(Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front): It is known that some members are islamic. they often use this term. What it refers to is not known.

They are largely anti-christian. They use two derogatory terms for them: Xtians and Fish Speakers.
Many, specially those who are members of the council; claim membership to a religion called Discordianism and/or the Church of the Subgenious. They pray to an entity known as J. R. 'Bob' Dobbs, a messianic figure that has died and resurrected at least five times (the records are obscure) and Eris. Roman Goddess of Discord.
There is no known connection and/or reference to The Church of Satan.

It seems there are at least two hundred members, but we only know less than a dozen of them by name. Their secrecy has long eluded our cryptography specialists:
MirrorMaster: Joe McCulloch. Known IRA sympathizer.
SpareAssAnnie: Billy Joe Crawford. US Citizen
CaptainBoomerang: Leonard Snart. UK citizen
StrangeDays: Julian Lewis Harvey. US Citizen
IamPagliacci: Juan de Dios Pérez Salazar Brazilian
DoctorTeeth: Rufus Floyd. US citizen
JimmytheIdiotBoy: James Jones. US Citizen
UtsuNoIkusagami: Oto Tachibana. Japanese.
Other aliases are known but no real identities have been located.

Threat level: Orange.

The organization is considered dangerous. However, they have not focused their efforts on attacking government related organizations.

We are gathering more information on the organization. If you wish to be updated as information is available let me know.

At your humble Service.

Mayor Steve Trevor.

July the 29th 2021

Thursday, July 22


Impressive, kid. you've understanded the basics pretty soon. you're far from over but you have worked your way from the tutorials i have sended. always remember; if you have any question type 'man' before the command in the console. next lesson you are going to learn to manipulate the dev files in applications.
As well from working your way round in UNIX systems you also need to learn about history. about our history, about the history that was deleted because it was deemed offensive by the fishspeakers.
Did you know that there are other religions beside Dispensational Christianity? Do you know whay catholicism is? Islam? Sintoism? Buddhism? Discordianism? of course not. They were deleted by them. There are seven billion people in this planet who are not christians and yet your pastors claim it is the most widespread religion. Forget about it, they are and have always been a minority, but one with power. They convinced the United Nations to pass a bill forbidding other religions from aprrearing in the media.
Do you imagine a country like Mexico, with its Guadalupean mayority, with media that cannot mention their religion?.
I am sorry. You don't know about Mexico. even when it shares an enormous border with the United States. The American Government erected a giant wall barring access to and from Mexico more than ten years ago. shortly, it erected another wall to border Canada.
And yet, there are news from lands you will never see. lands that are the other side of the walls and people have never been there, only names in a non-existent map.
If you only knew the cold beaches of Norway, or the Dead Sea. you are stranded in the island called The United States of America.

Wednesday, July 21

d00d vv3 60++4 54\/3 #3|2!!!!!!!!!

welcome to the cultofthedeadcow.x forums
you are logged in as icecreamassassin
group atomiccaferegulars is in session now.
members manwithnoname, auntyentity, manhunterbebop and rocksteady are logged in.
do you want to join? (y/n) Y

auntyentity@cultofthedeadcow.x: Dis better be good
@cultofthedeadcow.x:u've olweis had dat penchant fer drama
@cultofthedeadcow.x:U redd da nooz?
@cultofthedeadcow.x:UR talkin bout da anniversary of da Sealand Massacre?????
@cultofthedeadcow.x:U wanna do sumthin better hurry, herd dat The Reavers r olreddy workin' on da case.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:No. Asia Argento is gonna get fragged by da phishspeekerz.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: sorry. no can do.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:We ol love her wrk, but we cant compromise.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:cant get ovv our planz just becooz u wanna get prince charmin w/some MILF.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: u gotta sumtin pland olreddy, dont u???
@cultofthedeadcow.x:wanna get rid ov idiot loyyer.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:id do it just for da fun ovit.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: guize, wi cant. council sedd wigotta lay low until da reckoning.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: Aunty, shiz da only filmmaker alive who styill meixx zombie movies.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:understood perfectly, shizz da only solace in diz sterile world. shiiz an asset wi cant afford to lose.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:agree. in odder circunstances wi wud do da impassable to rescue er. Bur council sedd dat after da reckoning comes da liberation. only den shill be free.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: dont wanna help me?? doing it ennywaze, douh must do it solo.
@cultofthedeadcow.x: aimout.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:aimout 2
@cultofthedeadcow.x: aimout 3
@cultofthedeadcow.x: et tu, manhunter?
@cultofthedeadcow.x: If ur gonna end up fried deill hafta fry me w/u.
@cultofthedeadcow.x:sorry guize. if council asx i n manhunter went solos.
forum scheduled for automatic deletion.
You are going to be transferred automatcaly to new channel.
do you want to proceed? (yes)

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