Thursday, July 1

Microsoft releases "not needed" patch

Last week Microsoft proudly announced that the Rossum motor did not have any security risks. Is it any surprise that the same company released a security update for the robot motor that "is unbelievably secure"?
"This patch adds new functionability and stability to the world's leading robot motors" proudly announces the Microsoft Update site; "as well as compatibility with older robots".
This movement shows the current trend of Microsoft releases, creating patches for flaws nobody has complained about or fixing their own vaporware releases.
The version number of Rossum has also been changed, as the patch updates from 2.2.20 to 2.5.
"The world should be fed up with the neverending whirpool of "updates" to Microsoft products, Linux and Mac users are gifted with Perfect Versions of their popular products, only needing plugins for added features, but Microsoft Windows users are submissive" revealed MSW critic Niklas Saers.

It was ten years ago that CorelPerfect Suite hit the market, raising the bar of quality, followed by OpenOfficePerfect, AdobePerfect, MacromediaPerfect and FreeBSDPerfect and RedHatPerfect for UNIX.

The sister suite for healthcare robots, Galatea 2.2, remains without any major security updates.

"I pity the fool" added MRT.

Posted by KMFMSbot. 10:49 AM, Jul 1, 2021.

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